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Display the Neponset Valley Chamber logo on your website or promotional materials


"Member" logo
Use of the "Member" logo is restricted to members in good standing of the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce (NVCC). You are encouraged to use the "Member" logo on business cards, letterheads, fliers and brochures, advertisements and other promotional items. No special permission is required, subject to the following:

• The camera-ready art or digital file supplied by the NVCC must be used exactly as presented, although size of final reproduction is at the member's discretion.
• The word "Member" must be included.
• The logo may not be modified in any way.

A member may not use this logo on any materials promoting or advertising any seminar, promotion, solicitation, discount or other special program offered by such member, unless specific written permission has been applied for and granted by the NVCC Communications Committee.

Use of the "Member" logo by non-members of the NVCC is strictly prohibited.

Download full size 2018 version of the Chamber logo by clicking the link below:


All logos (including "member" logo)
The current version of the logo (with the website) is the only version of the logo that may be used. With the authorization of the NVCC Communications Committee, the logo may be used for:

• Printed and visual materials produced by the NVCC and/or one of its committees to promote the Chamber itself or an event or activity of the Chamber.
•Reference to the NVCC for sponsorships, partnerships, participation in events, etc.
•Promotional items (pens, calendars, other give-aways).
•Other uses subject to the permission of the Communications Committee.

Use of the NVCC logo by non-members of the NVCC is strictly prohibited.

Download full size version of these logos
NVCC logo NVCC Black & White logo NVCC transparent logo

Printing standards
Logos may be printed in any size that will reproduce legibly (that is, all words must be readable). The website (http://www.nvcc.com) should be deleted (if possible) if the logo is so small that the type will be unreadable.
Logos may be printed in black only, black & 50% black (grey), and black & NVCC green. No other colors or color combinations are authorized. The NVCC green color is:

RGB: Red 0, Green 133, Blue 117
CMYK: Cyan 98%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 57%, Black 17%
Pantone Matching System: PMS 569 100%

Re-setting the type of the logo is not authorized. However, for purposes of using the logo type(s) for other text in a document, the typestyles are:

• The words "NEPONSET VALLEY" are in Switzerland Narrow; Helvetica and Arial (both narrow or condensed) are similar.
• The words "Chamber of Commerce," "Member 20xx," and "www.nvcc.com" are in Garamond Bold.