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Emergencies can befall any business, from the largest corporation to the Small Office Home Office (SOHO). The Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce has compiled an Emergency Guide designed to help your business plan for any contingency that would otherwise prevent its operation.

The purpose of this document is to provide businesses with information to assist them in increasing their protection from natural and other hazards. It is intended to serve only as a guide. The authors, contributors, and publisher disclaim all warranties and guarantees with respect to the information in the document and assume no liability or responsibility with respect to the information.

The support given by the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) to this activity does not constitute an express or implied endorsement of any co-sponsor's opinions, products, or services. All NVCC programs are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis.

The Chamber also has a library of additional materials on disaster planning that is available for Chamber members. For more information contact the Chamber office.

An emergency is an unplanned event that can cause death or significant injury to you, your employees, customers, the public, or otherwise threatens your core business and your property. Below are details on how to address the following business recovery issues: natural disasters, electrical or computer malfunctions, owner's illness, or theft. We will direct you to emergency resources and provide information on preventing or minimizing your loss.

You must define steps to return to normal operations:

• Select an emergency management team, or at least one person, with executive level decision-making authority, who is familiar with your operations and where all your records are located.
• Define your core business.
• Identify potential emergencies and their impact on your business.
• Identify the various ways the core business can be protected using the various resources available and complying with any applicable regulations: business continuity insurance, disability insurance, homeowners insurance.
• Develop your plan: directions and control, communications, evacuation planning, property protection, community outreach, recovery and restoration, administration and logistics, checklist of emergency response procedures, support documents, security.
• Communicate your plan to employees.
• Test the plan periodically

Data Safety Checklist
Electrical Safety Checklist
Evacuation Checklist
Fire Safety Checklist
Flood Safety Checklist
Hurricane Planning Guide
Insurance Checklist
Winter Hazards Checklist
Earthquake Safety Checklist

The Chamber wishes to express thanks to the following individuals for developing this material for the website:

Richard Almeida - MIB Inc.
Sherry Alpert - Sherry Alpert Corp.
Albert Amoroso - Amoroso & Associates
Aline Barrett - TGA Business Support Services
Melissa Caron - Harrington Caron Insurance Agency
Michael Cook - CJH Environmental Inc.
Nancy Finn - Communication Resources Inc.
Leonard Segal - Segal Computer Consulting

The Chamber would also like to offer a special thanks to the original Business Disaster Response Team founded by Bob Cohen and chaired by Rosemary McCraven who laid the foundation for this document.