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A few weeks ago we polled Chamber members to learn what Social Media platforms they found to be the most beneficial to their business. I wish I could share the results with you but unfortunately a glitch in the survey prevented anyone from submitting their answers, so we have no results (insert frowning emoji here). We will fix the problem and try again soon so that we may be able to share this information with you.

What we do know is that more and more individuals and businesses are using social media to connect with customer and prospects, to share information about their companies and to generate customer feedback and satisfaction rates.

The Chamber is no different. We utilize LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all to varying degrees to connect with our members, to promote our events and mostly to promote our members. Our recently convened Communications Committee led by Dana Bottorff, G.T. Reilly & Co., has been busy reviewing all Chamber communications. Inevitably each meeting comes back to social media. Collectively we are trying to determine how best to utilize our limited resources on social media. There is no shortage of good ideas among our committee and we are beginning to zero in on a few strategies that we hope will increase the Chambers presence on social media, but more importantly help us to work with our members to leverage their online presence.

We have also been aided by the support of our summer intern, Lauren Beimler, a Foxboro resident and student at Emmanuel College. Lauren has been researching our members to see what social media platforms they use and then working to connect us with them. She is also researching best practices from Chambers throughout the country that have been recognized for their effectiveness with social media. Finally she has set us up with an Instagram account and you can expect to see us there in the very near future. As with most things dealing with the latest technology, it helps to have access to the skills and experience of millennials.

As we continue to connect with our members online, we ask for you to do the same. If you are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, please connect with the Chamber. Like us, follow us, share us, retweet us! The more we can expand one another’s reach the better of we all are.

To that end we are launching a Re-tweet contest. Whoever re-tweets our Twitter posts the most by August 8th will be selected to have their company spotlighted as our next video spotlight. That’s a free video up to 3 minutes in length, a $350 value!
Here’s where you can find us on social media:

Tom O’Rourke
President and CEO